Quality matters!

Sonya and Fernando are two of the most uniquely gifted and talent professionals you’ll ever encounter, their attention to detail, commitment to exceeding your expectations and their “can do” attitude is refreshing. As a client you are truly spoilt-they shot from the hip with honesty and integrity, their art is finely crafted, nurtured and perfected-and their expertise extends well beyond the frame. If you can dream it, they are the ones you want executing it. Take it from a client who has learned the difference and will never make the same mistake again. Quality matters.WAIORA MARKETING

The final product was a masterpiece!

Watching Sonya and Fernando come into your place of business and do their thing is a strong reminder that photography is an art form like painting and music. At Berkeley,it was obvious to al of us that the final product was going to be a masterpiece, and it was.BERKELEY FLORIST SUPPLY

Thank you for making my creations come alive in your photography.

Sonya and Fernando are one of the most creative teams I have ever come across. They combine their technical expertise with artistry to create brilliant works of art with their photography and styling. They have been my exclusive jewelry photographers for many years and in one of our most recent projects, they designed, produced and printed a hard covered book of my entire collection. That book is a true masterpiece admired by my customers all over the world.

I owe a great part of the success of my business to them.


Amazing creative synergy of lighting, styling, and post-production work!

I have worked with Sonya and Fernando for about 5 years. Besides being incredibly talented and professional, they are very open to listening to concepts we have for our brand as well as the individual product lines. They help to make our vision a reality by creating images that make the products stars.The strength of these photos has helped to evolve our brand to the next level. This happens through an amazing creative synergy of lighting, styling, and post-production work as well as their unprecedented attention to detail. We are never disappointed with the results.JEN HULETT CREATIVE DIRECTOR WAIORA, NORTH AMERICA

Great Results, Personable, Good Value!

“As a relatively new client of Sonya and Fernando, I’ve been absolutely thrilled with not only the image results but the entire working process with them as well. As a marketing and creative consultant to the small business community, I regularly face the budgetary challenge of educating my clients on the need and value of high quality product photography. Working with creative pros like Sonya and Fernando make that challenge much easier to navigate when the client can truly “see” the image quality that their investment represents. I’m absolutely looking forward to my next opportunity to work with them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their talent to anyone!”BRUCE BATEMAN III/STRATEGIC MARKETING & CREATIVE MEDIA CONSULTANT/NEWLIGHT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS LLC

Exceptional work! Top notch photography team!

Over the past 20 years I have worked with countless photographers around the globe on various projects. There are few that stand out for the exceptional work they do. Fernando and Sonya have worked on several projects I have been involved with, from fashion jewelry, consumer products and fashion. Their attention to detail, set design creativity, tasteful yet provocative lighting and styling techniques, have made them one of my favorite teams to work with Beyond their exceptional photographic skills, Fernando and Sonya are extremely personable and patient, which goes a long way when you are under tight deadlines. They are also good listeners, but are not afraid to speak up and tell you why they have created the look they have and how some things just don’t work. This translates to a great finished product that everyone is happy with.

I highly recommend Fernando and Sonya if you are looking for a top notch photography team.FRED NEIL, PRESIDENT, SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT ASSOC

Brilliant Work!

A husband and wife team that produces the best work I’ve ever seen, from fine jewelry and luggage, to oranges and everything in between. Our clients rave about their work—and working with them. I’ve done some of my most inspired work when we collaborate.IMAGINE INC

Excellent Work!

They are amazing to work with and the results surpassed my expectations! We got great shots of our jewelry and they reproduce beautifully in our print ads!ELISE COHEN/ DIAMONDS BY EYAL

Talent and Perfection! 

Talented and so creative! Sonya has a creative eye unlike anyone I’ve ever known. Fernando is impeccable with his lighting.Add to that their perfectionism and professionalism, and they make an amazing team! Easy to work with, they listen to what you want and really wow you!DIANA NICKLES/CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Worth your time and money!

I have worked with Sonya and Fernando for more than 10 years now and am constantly amazed at the endless creativity, composition, lighting and dependability this team can offer. As one business owner to another, these two are amazing! No doubt you have found one of the best jewelry and product photographers available! I would stake my reputation on it.LIZ JONES LJ PRODUCTIONS

Amazingly talented team!

I have worked with Sonya and Fernando for over 10 years, and I only have great things to say about them. Their photography is exceptional and they always give you more than you were ever expecting, they are both hard workers and perfectionists. Sonya’s styling is amazing, she is a true artist, and Fernando’s photographic eye and lighting experience makes them a great team. The most important thing though, is that they are amazing people.JULIANNA MOSS

The Best in the Business!

“You won’t find a better team to work with than Sonya and Fernando. Not only are they talented and creative but they are genuinely fun to be around! I have worked with them for many years on a variety of photo sessions, from still photography and Front Covers to model shoots and I have always been more than pleased with the results. Professionalism and creativity are their middle names! “DIANE MORRIS/CREATIVE DIRECTOR/PALM BEACH JEWELRY

Brilliant talent!‎ 

Have had the great pleasure of partnering up with this dynamic duo on a regular basis. Sonya’s creative process and styling is perfectly complimented by Fernando’s lighting and photography. Together they have an amazing capability to show our product at its best. They listen to our needs, present solutions and options and then execute it flawlessly. Our partnership with Sonya and Fernando has really brought our ads and website to a new level of excellence!


Great Results, Personable, Creative!

“Through my years as a marketing professional, I have had numerous occasions to work with photographers, but never a professional with the skill set displayed by the Sanchez Arias “dynamic duo.” This unbelievably gifted team is not easily intimidated; thinks outside the box with a level of creativity that is mind-blowing; and possesses an attention to detail that would make any client phenomenally appreciative. Whether your needs include a single product shot, a full campaign or something in between you can rest assured you are in the most competent, most service-oriented hands possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sonya and Fernando to anyone, and look forward to working with them again.”ROBIN FREYTAG/SENIOR MARKETING MANAGER/WAIORA

Great Results, High Integrity, Very Creative!

“As a graphic designer responsible for photography art direction, I’ve worked with Sonya and Fernando on many projects with many different clients. The clients included Travelpro Luggage, Sun Harvest Citrus, Mack’s Groves gift fruit shipping, a chocolate company, a toy company and Lenco Marine to name a few. I’ve always been proud of the work we do together and my clients have always loved the results which is even more important. To top it off, our creative exchange is always stimulating and a lot of fun.BONNIE UNSWORTH/OWNER IMAGINE INC

Top Notch Styling & Photography,

I had the pleasure of working with Sonya & Fernando for several years, during which I observed their numerous talents. As a couple, they are a dynamic duo of personality & professionalism, capable of turning the most complex photo shoots into calm & creative events. They are without a doubt, two of the most talented, creative & down-to-earth individuals I have ever met!ROBERT WEST/DIRECTOR OF CREATIVE SERVICES

Look No Further!‎

I have been a graphic designer in the business of design for over 25 years specializing in the print environment. Great Design needs Great Photography. Sonya and Fernando can deliver just that. As individuals they have their own strengths. As a team it’s even better! Don’t waste time, look no further, as they are truly a great choice for a wide variety of photography needs, I highly recommend them. Fernando’s lighting style with Sonya’s amazing styling techniques will give your photography that visual edge above others. Attention to detail is superb and technical knowledge is in their blood. Easy to work with and are amazing people to know.ANNETTE M.PISKEL/AMPDZINE/FT. LAUDERDALE

What a talented team!

I have worked with Sonya and Fernando for over ten years. In addition to their technical skills, they always come up with exceptional creative solutions to both showcase the product as well as visually communicate its features. They consistently produce some of the best jewelry photographs I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else to shoot our products.DENNIS WORTH /VP MARKETING/SETA CORPORATION